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Development of biochemical special globe valves

Globe valves are designed for biochemistry
According to GMP standard, pharmaceutical industry biochemical special cut-off valve should not only have good seal performance, sealing material from the material can adapt high temperature, pressure, Work on the valve sealing materials of medium, corrosion and erosion wear, ensure valve in the period of use, not from the valve leakage of permeability of the structure design, can effectively prevent harmful bacteria in the valve body, prevent the derivative, breeding application enterprise happening, pour dye, continuously improve used cans of fermentation unit rate and the economic efficiency of enterprises.
2.1 Biochemical special cut-off valve type (hereinafter referred to as the main body, the valve) by gasket, disc, disc Screw cap, gaskets, packing, bonnet, packing bonnet, stem, the handwheel (figure 1). But new valve and general valve - - - - - the globe valve (figure 2), in the valve body (number 1) at the bottom of the structure, the valve stem (serial number nine, etc), sealing performance. There are mainly four new valve characteristic.
a. from figure 1 can clearly see, the body (number 1) its port (longitudinal section), streamlined flow process without kneepoints, no dead Angle, can safety, hygiene materials to be conveyed, easy cleaning, therefore, and not in the bottom dyed with vent, fully comply with GMP pharmaceutical industry standards.
b. from figure 1 can clearly see the valve stem (9) serial number of threads, no matter how the site open or close the valve, the valve stem threads parts are not in any medium and valves direct contact so completely avoid the material in the stem threads in bond or stranded. the valve body and disc (serial interface, the 3) by laser cladding hardening, greatly increased its surface hardness and resistance, prolong the service life of the valve.
D. gasket (3), serial number (5), gasket packing (6) according to the number of different working medium, process (temperature, pressure) requirements choose different sealing materials, such as gather fang, ptfe etc.
2.2 body design (figure 1),
The valve body is one of the most important parts, it as medium flow channel and control, to bear guttural thoroughfare working medium pressure, temperature, corrosion and erosion. The valve design is the key body design. The body structure, various, although protean colorful, but two section clear functions is always the same, body fluid flow of longitudinal section determination of cross section, body fluid flows through the section determination of fluid, according to the principle of fluid mechanics, combined with the requirements of GMP pharmaceutical industry standard, we put the valve of longitudinal section is streamlined flow line, the whole process not inflection point and flow direction and corner, passage shape not changing dramatically, in order to achieve the purpose of small fluid resistance, the valve body into the heart of the cross-sectional design form (figure 3 zun tu), consists of three smooth arc, section on the periphery of the circular arc and union of right and left heart shape smooth, about the cross-sectional area 2567m square meters. The right of the circular area is 1964m square meters, which is the right side of the heart shape, the circular area approx.1.3 times to work in the media, the body bottom add install Screw holes, beginning in the pipeline for production, and put breath in the process of production. Don't use it to some Screw holes of enterprises, and to avoid blind happened, we also bacteria for the enterprise design Screw (figure 4).
2.3 The laser processing sealing
The valve sealing in high temperature and long working medium pressure of corrosion and erosion, some still inherit the bruises wear between sealing. The high-tech JiGuangJi (HGL 5KW type - 90) after laser focus to the body and disc (serial number 3) seal level single-channel laser scanning parameters (for: laser power W = 3-4KW, scanning speed U = 8-20mm/s, spot size = 5 - Φ Φ 10mm), control the energy density and scanning speed, can make the molten layer and the base, not firmly with small area, and to melt body heat stress influence of laser cladding. Once or Ni alloy Co layer thickness of 3mm, surfacesmooth smooth layer, can increase hardness 20-40% test and production application shows that the treatment of laser cladding in harsh conditions valve seal with good wear resistance, resistance to erosion cavitation, corrosion fatigue and high temperature resisting impact fatigue properties, improve the security and reliability of the valve and service life.
2.4 Sealing material selection.
Sealing material and its performance of the valve is closely related with the quality, some sealing material conditions, the fluid flow condition in this is conducive to seal some advantages and disadvantages, which is the factory, my company seal valve product structure is the same, but the conditions for enterprise seal according to different requirements, our heat-resistance, abrasion resistance, alkali, acid, commonly used four conditions listed below, according to the table to match.

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