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The features of globe valves

(1) structure is more simple than gate valves, manufacture and repair is more convenient.
(2) sealing surface not easy wear and scratches, , good sealing, there is no relative sliding between disc and body when open, so wear and bruises are not serious, sealed performance is good, long service life.
(3)when close and open, disc trip is short, thus the height of cut-off valve is smaller than gate valves, but length of structure is longer than gate valves.
(4) moment is large, on and off is arduous, on-off time longer.
(5) fluid resistance is great, because body medium channel is tortuous, fluid resistance is large, power consumption is large.
(6) medium flow direction when nominal pressure PN≤16MPa, generally USES downstream from disc bottom to upper, when The nominal pressurePN≥20Mpa, generally USES back flow, medium from the upper of the disc to the down. To increase the sealing performance. When using, globe valves medium only single direction, medium can not change flow direction.
(7) when full open disc often affected by erosion.

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