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The classification of globe valves

1)the cut-through globe valves
2)horny pattern cut-off valve, in Angle Globe valves, fluid just change direction for one time that this valve pressure drop less than the the globe valves of conventional structure.
3)straight-flow cut-off valve, In the straight-flow or Y-shaped globe valves, the runner of the body become a slash with the main runner, so the extent of damage of running state is smaller than normal cut-off valve, and pressure loss through the valve is corresponding small.
4)plunger type cut-off valve, this form of globe valve is variant of normal cut-off valve. In the valve, disc and seat is usually based on the principle of piston design. plunger polished by Disc is connected with stem seal which formed by two of the fortress of the elastic sealing. Two resilient sealing separated by a lantern ring and by the bonnet nuts on the cover of the load on the sealing ring around the plunger pressed firmly. Elastic sealing can change, can use variety of materials, the valve is mainly used for "open" or "off", but with special forms of piston or special lantern ring, can also be used to adjust flow.

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