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All kinds of globe valve applicable occasions

1. needle globe valves
As for precise flow control. Disc is usually made into a whole with stem, it has a needle head witch matches the seat with very high accuracy, the. And needle cut-off valve stem threads pitch is thinner than ordinary globe valve stem Screw pitch. Normally, the size of the hole of the needle valve seat is smaller than pipe size. Therefore, it is usually confined to nominal size of the pipeline in small, more applicable for sampling valve.
2. straight-flow globe valves
straight-flow globe valve stem and channel is in a certain Angle, its seat sealing surface and import channel also have a certain Angle, the body can make integral or separate. The separate type cut-off valve is to clip the seat between the bodies, convenient in maintenance. This kind of globe valves make fluid flow direction almost no change, and is the smallest flow resistance in the globe valve. Seat and disc sealing surface can bead weld cemented carbide, make whole valve more resistant to corrosion and erosion, in conformity with the production process of alumina pipeline control, also suitable for pipeline with coke and solid particles in it.
3 horny pattern globe valves
the biggest advantage of horny pattern globe valves is that the valve installed in the corner of the pipeline system, such as saving the 90 ° elbow and easy operation. Therefore, it is the most suitable valves in the ammonia production system and fertilizer used in refrigeration system. If J44H - 160, J44H - 320, L44H - 160, L44H - 320 completely is designed for ammonia production system.
4. ball or ceramics ball seal globe valves
The structure characteristics of the valve body is divided into even asana and split, disc for hard alloy steel ball or for the STL amorphous materials by powder sintering temperature, forming, made of porcelain. Stem bottom roller envelope sphere in stem hole, and the ball ball in stem hole ball rotation made a three-dimensional can produce many seal line, significantly increased the sealing surface of life, can assure reliable seal. This valve is due to the sphere seal, usually used in small, nominal 6 mm. This valve is used in power plant, the high temperature and high pressure steam pipe, sampling, sewage system piping instrument and petrochemical, chemical system of temperature, pressure, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, piping.
5. High temperature and high pressure power cut-off valve
The structure characteristics of the valve body and bonnet is connected by pressure from the tight sealed or clip pipe, valve hoop type of connection form for butt weld connection, the body is used more MuGang chrome or chrome steel sealing, vanadium molybdenum carbide most hardfacing. Therefore, high-temperature high-pressure valves, good heat resistance, Abrasion resistance, sealing scratch, corrosion resistance, good seal performance, long service life. Most suitable for thermal power industry system, petrochemical, metallurgical system of high temperature and high pressure steam, oil, overheating steam piping.
6. the API globe valves
This globe valves are strictly according to ASME B16.34 standard design, Body and bonnet connection, stuffing box, stem nut on the seal of the installation, etc. In strict accordance with API 600 Select the valve fully comply with API 600 requirements."Constitutive length B16.10 ASME, Flange size with ANSI/ASME B16.5 a. The inspection and test valves in strict accordance with API598. Therefore, the valve is widely used in electric power, petroleum chemical piping system, metallurgical, textile too.
7. Oxygen pipeline using cut-off valve
This valve is strictly in accordance with the requirements of pipeline design of oxygen. Stuffing box part and external contamination absolute cannot enter packing box. Body ends flanges are grounding in piping installation, running after, defend electrostatic fire. This valve housing materials for austenitic stainless steel or copper, conductive static, do not fire. Sealing material for ptfe to the body, soft sealing materials for ontology, sealed performance is good, gas leakage inspection to zero. This valve assembly by carbon tetrachloride in defatted treatment before strict, absolutely no oil and dirt, does not cause electrostatic fire. This valve is used in metallurgy, the oxygen pipeline system in other industries also applies on oxygen.
8. Liquefied petroleum gas globe valves
This valve is designed for liquefied petroleum gas pipeline or device. The fire on the structure of attention. Filler adopts teflon, sealing is reliable, and was absolutely leakage. Seal material USES ptfe or nylon material to the body, for soft sealing ontology, sealing is reliable. This valve is used on pipeline system as liquefied petroleum gas, lifting device, can also be applied to less than 80 degrees Celsius temperature of pipeline.
9. the up-threads rod globe valve
This globe valve stem not direct contact with the medium. According to the housing materials, seal materials, packing materials, stem material is different, suitable for different working conditions. If the body and bonnet materials for carbon steel, alloy steel, seal materials for packing for flexible graphite, stem Cr13 for stainless steel material, suitable for water, steam, oil pipe, If the body and bonnet materials for 1Cr18Ni9 or 0Cr18Ni9, seal materials for the body itself materials or hard alloy, packing for ptfe, stem materials for Cr17Ni2, suitable for the yankees to nitric acid or corrosive medium device, If the valve bonnet materials for 1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti or 0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti, seal materials for the body itself materials or hard alloy, packing for ptfe, stem materials for 1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti, suitable for the corrosive medium with acetic acid pipeline or device. But this globe valves for the biggest nominal 200mm, over 200 globe valve should set the by-pass or design in setting the by-pass structure. Generally, the globe valve DN acuity 200mm in the inlet valve, namely high into the lower, it is to prevent closes too strenuous and stem too thick.
10. The down thread rod globe valves
This cut-off valve, the valve stem threads directly contact with the medium, medium, the erosion directly from the valve stem threads easy rustily, causing the open-close effortless. The structure of the globe valves are relatively small, nominal breath in 6 ~ 50 meters, most in between valve and sampling valve.
11. API602 forged steel globe valves
This globe valve by American petroleum institute API602 standard design, forging by body and bonnet carbon steel or stainless steel, body and bonnet joint have bolt connection, threaded connections and welding, have up-threaded Screw stem and down-stem, have multiplicity-sealing materials for Cr13 steel, stainless steel acid in STL carbide steel, packing for flexible graphite or ptfe, connecting flange, threaded, way of socket and butt welding, pressure rating for CL150 ~ CL1500, nominal diameter is 1/4 ~ 2in. Widely used in petroleum chemical industry, electric power, chemical equipment and piping, to work for steam, oil, corrosive medium. According to the structural length B16.10 ASME, flange size according to ASME/ANSI B16.5, welding size by B16.25 ASME ,socket weld dimension conforms hole B16.11 ANSI, threaded connections size with the B1.20.1 ANSI.
12. the plunger globe valves
These plugers valve seal, the set of radial in grinding and two elastic sealing ring fort beam. Two resilient sealing ring with a set of isolated, and through the body and bonnet bolts to connect the bonnet shangdi load the plunger and elastic sealing pressure around, ensure sealing. This valve to material combination with carbon for shell, plunger seals with Cr13 stainless steel, with flexible graphite, can be used for water, steam, oil pipeline , If the shell with stainless steel, plunger with acid stainless steel ring, acid-proof polytetrafluoethylene, it is applicable to acid and alkali of corrosive medium. This valve is the reliable sealing and advantages, long life, easy maintenance, Defect is hoist speed. This valve is widely used in urban system, the city heating water, steam piping.

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