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The globe valve selection principle

The selection principle is:
1, high-temperature and high-pressure pipeline or device on the media should be chosen globe valves. Such as nuclear power, petrochemical industry, the high temperature and high pressure piping.
2 in low piping convection resistance requirements of pipeline. In low consideration location of the pressure loss.
3, the small valve can be chosen needle valve, instrument valve, pressure gauge, sampling valve valve, etc.
4 and flow regulating or pressure regulation, but for regulating accuracy is not high, and the pipe diameter and less than 50, such as nominal breath, appropriate chooses.
5 and the synthesis of small and large chemical fertilizer should be chosen PN160 nominal pressure 16MPa nominal pressure PN320 or nominal pressure 32MPa high pressure Angle cut-off valve or high pressure Angle throttle valve.
6 the BaiErFa alumina production workshop, easy come from silicon, easy chooses body, seat can separate place, hard alloy seal globe valve injector or the injector throttle valve.
7 and in the construction of urban water supply, heat supply engineering, smaller nominal diameter pipes, can choose the globe, balancing valve or piston valve, such as nominal diameter less than 150mm piping.

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